Purchase Conditions

Purchase Monofin in Binfins: Special Conditions

The most important characteristic of Binfins monofins is that it is completely bespoken; for this reason, in case of customer no-satisfaction, Binfins make will make a new monofin until reaching the satisfaction of the customer. Obviously if the customer is required to send backthe product that must be changed in perfect conditions before to receive the new one.


The order deliveryt will be done by air mail and it will take about 1/2 weeks depending by shipping companies. In the order is very important to indicate the correct address and add a mobile number.

The transport fee depends by the destination; the delivery price is not included in the product price.


All the payments must be done in advance. The product will not delivered without a having received a payment proof.

Payment methods are the following:

  1. bank transfer;
  2. Paypal;
  3. Western Union,

For more information please contact us: info@binfins.com